Dear Potential Contributor to HJEAS:

I hope this email finds you, your family, and colleagues well and safe.

The Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies welcomes your essay and I look forward to reading it. When your essay arrives, the editors will review it and assuming it is publishable will then send it without any identification to two scholars in your field (our usual double blind review ). On the basis of their recommendations the editors will then ask for any necessary revisions and after that will schedule the essay for a specific issue. If we receive enough publishable essays on a topic then we sometimes consider devoting a portion of or a full issue of the journal to that special topic. Usually the first phase takes 3-4 weeks, the double blind review 6-8 weeks, and then revisions may take 2-5 weeks depending on the author’s schedule. HJEAS employs a rolling acceptance policy and promises if at all possible to publish your accepted essay within 18 months.

With every good wish,

Donald E. Morse, Editor in Chief

Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies