Évf. 19 szám 1 (2021): Gyepgazdálkodási Közlemények (GS-22)
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A diverzitás és a kaszálás közötti összefüggés a Börzsöny hegység tisztított gyepterületein

Megjelent szeptember 25, 2021
Fehér Zsófia
MATE Department of Botany
Zachar Zalán
Pest County Police Headquarters, Vác Police Station, head of Department
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Due to changing land use, traditionally managed grasslands are rarely seen This is an unfortunate fact as regular mowing and foraging are the primary tools of maintaining these areas. These methods are of high importance in terms of nature conservation management, by affecting the successive processes. Natural disturbances are part of the ecological systems, and the majority of meadows and hayfields of high nature conservation value can only be preserved through management. By means of nature conservation treatments, the number of grasslands species can be increased and various accompanying species can be introduced.