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Wine tourism of Tokaj- hegyalja
Published February 25, 2014

The wine is still in Hungary in Hungarian history, culture, and one of the key elements of the economy are considered . Last, but not to the point of producing and selling the wine regions of livelihoods. Thousands of years in wine-producing traditions preserved in the modern winemakers, wine competitions demonstrate their skills. The Tokaj win...e region of the World's major and significant wine regions in Hungary.

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Marketing analysis of the Villány wine region
Published February 25, 2014

Hungarian wine is not in such a bad position as it is considered. We have outstanding specialists and the country’s natural conditions are also proper. In Hungary, there are wine production and wine consumption has a major traditions. The role of marketing in our wine industry is growing more and more, and this trend is expected to continue i...n the future. The development of tourism in wine-growing regions and advertising would considerably promote the popularity of Hungarian wine.

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