No. 24 (2006)

Price Risk Management by Futures Markets and Public Warehousing

Published October 11, 2006
László Kozár
University of Debrecen, Centre for Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Department of Marketing and Business, Debrecen
Lóránt Fodor
University of Veszprem, Georgikon Faculty of Agriculture, Keszthely


Kozár, L., & Fodor, L. (2006). Price Risk Management by Futures Markets and Public Warehousing. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (24), 58–65.

The principal achievement of this paper is the combinative use of two market institutions: public warehousing and commodity exchange and how their joint application is beneficial for the players on the grain market. Based on a theoretical foundation, a calculation model was developed in order to assist short and long-term marketing decisions. It allows all the three participants of the market: producers, consumers and traders, to use this model in order to establish their own business strategy. The model can be used to analyse factors influencing the establishment of price; therefore, it can be also used for policy-making decisions.


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