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Compliant Mechanisms in Progress and Development Of Modern Technology
Megjelent április 15, 2020

In this paper, the compliant mechanisms will be presented. There will be presented some representative works that have brought progress and development in modern technology. Examples will be presented from simple concepts such as a tweezers, staples, to mechanical clutches, pointer and micro-compliant mechanical structures.

Experimental Study Regarding The Influence Of Compliant Hinges Geometry In Mechanical Structures
Megjelent március 3, 2019

In this paper an experimental study will be carried out, on the influence of geometry, using different compliant mechanical couplings. In the first part of the paper will be presented the compliance of the couplings and a number of consecrated works on this theme will be quoted. The article continues with the case study made on three types of c...ompliant joints. These joints and the mechanics that substitute them will be presented. Towards the end of the paper we explain the experimental method and its results. The final ideas concerning this work will be filled out by conclusions and research directions.

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