Évf. 5 szám 4 (2020)
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Solid-Lattice Stem Optimization Design for Hip Implants

Megjelent december 30, 2020
Kleber Leonardo Castro Vera
Mustafa Al-Jweijati
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Castro Vera, K. L., & Al-Jweijati, M. (2020). Solid-Lattice Stem Optimization Design for Hip Implants. International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences, 5(4), 39–46. https://doi.org/10.21791/IJEMS.2020.4.4.

The goal of this study is analyzed and design a methodology to reduce stem mass, through topology and lattice optimization of a Ti-6Al-4V hip implant, meeting yield stress requirements. Four optimization cases were studied: Topology optimization (1), Lattice design 100% (2), Lattice design 50% (3), Lattice design 25% (4). Five load cases from a study were applied for each optimization cases: Combined (LC1), standing-up (LC2), standing (LC3), going up stairs (LC4), jogging (LC5). The optimized cases design reduced stem mass approximately by 30% (1), 5% (2) ,8% (3) and 2% (4), compared with the total stem hip Ti-6Al-4V implant.