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  • The Question of Life and Death by Cicero and Macrobius

    To Cicero’s Somnium Scipionis Macrobius prepared a Neoplatonic commentary in Late Antiquity. On the grounds of these two works and Cicero’s other political or philosophical writings and letters this study seeks an answer to the question what similarities and differences can be demonstrated between the two authors’ way of thinking as regards the nature of the virtues, the issue of vita activa and vita contemplativa, the meaning of life and the necessity of voluntary death.

  • Macrobe sur les vertus des esclaves.: Analyse du chapitre 11 des Saturnales I.

    The late antique writer, Macrobius, is of the opinion that virtues can be found in slaves as much as in free men. The author explains his view in his main work, the Saturnalia (I. 11). The aim of this paper is – through the analysis of the passage mentioned above – the examination of precisely what kind of virtues Macrobius attributes to slaves, the context in which these virtues appear, and finally the factors which could have influenced the author while he was writing his text in praise of slaves.