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  • Biblical speech and phrases in the Vita sancti Heinrici regis et confessoris by Adalbert of Bamberg

    The vita of the emperor Henry II. of the Holy Roman Empire (ruled between A. D. 1002-1024) compiled by a dean of Bamberg, Adalbert about 1146 or 1170, had became one of the most influential work in the medieval German hagiography. The following paper deals with the problems of the authorship and the narrative and biblical sources of the vita. The study has two parts: in the first will be treated about the authorship, the sources and the reception of the vita as well the author’s method in the use of the biblical phrases. We are examining those chapters of the Vita Heinrici regis, in which the author used the biblical phrasing. In the second division of our study we are setting the details of the vita with their parallels from the Bible, investigating the author’s deep knowledge of the Holy Scripture and his virtuosity in the creative use of the biblical phrases.