No. 10 (2003)


Economic Importance and Production Problems of White Lupin

Published May 11, 2003
András Halász
Debreceni Egyetem Agrártudományi Centrum, Mezőgazdaságtudományi Kar, Növénytermesztési és Tájökológiai Tanszék, Debrecen
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Halász, A. (2003). Economic Importance and Production Problems of White Lupin. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (10), 122–125.

This paper presents economical importance of white lupin /Lupinus albus/. It is an important task as exceptional effectual green manure, that shows VIII treatment’s results of Westsik long-term field experiment. Content of white lupin seed is similar than content of soybean. By the forrage examination the soybean can substitute whit white lupin seed in 40%. The main problem of the production of lupin seed is the want of long term herbicides. For the solve of this problem to find herbicides which are efficiant for 80-100 days. First we have try 26 different herbicides.


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