No. 46 (2012)

Delay of flowering in orchards

Published May 16, 2012
János Szél
Debreceni Egyetem Agrár- és Gazdálkodástudományok Centruma, Mezőgazdaság-, Élelmiszertudományi és Környezetgazdálkodási Kar Földhasznosítási, Műszaki és Területfejlesztési Intézet, Debrecen


Szél, J. (2012). Delay of flowering in orchards. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (46), 79–81.

The goal of my research was to find out how cooling sprays affect the onset of flowering and the microclimate int he fruit orchards.
Frequent spraying (every 20 minutes) can keep the temperature of trees and buds lower.As a result the onset of flowering occured several
days later in the sprayed trees. It was proven that cooling sprays are suitable for delaying the onset of flowering under the domestic climatic conditions. This procedure can significantly mitigate the risk of frost damage and can improve crop safety.


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