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The Cup of Gaius Valerius Verdullus found at Arcobriga (Monreal de Ariza, Zaragoza)
Published July 8, 2020

In this paper I present two fragments from a fine walled ceramic vase found in Arcobriga that are part of the production of Gaius Valerius Verdullus, and I advance some views regarding the restoration of the epigraphic text that characterizes it.

Firme di artisti / produttori di specchietti in piombo con superficie riflettente in vetro
Published August 1, 2020

In this short contribution we present lead mirrors with reflective glass surface that are characterized by the presence of the signature of the plumbarius and / or the creator of the form. These few but interesting epigraphic attestations allow some thoughts on how to produce this type of material and also on the people who were involved.

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