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  • Relations architecturales entre le château de Hunedoara et le Palais des Ducs de Bourgogne de Dijon au milieu du XVè siècle particulierement en matière des naissances des voûtes*

    The large-scale similarity of two historical buildings or their ornamental elements tends to raise the question of the relation and transfer of their master builders. Besides the decoration, if the designing and constructing principles of the structural elements represent analogies, this question is of even higher relevance. Regarding the medieval history of architecture of Hungary, the cooperation of foreign masters, the import of Western European knowledge and practice can be considered as frequently general. Royal or noble residential buildings of political partners are likely to show the architectural effects of cultural relations as well. Several structural points of the 15thcentury governor palace of János Hunyadi in Hunedoara are parallel to those of the palace and tower of Philippe the Good, Duke of Burgundy in Dijon. Among these structural elements, the question of the shoulder of the vaulting (tas-de-charge) is of high importance. The personal touch of the two contemporaneous personalities cannot be proved by historical sources, that could confirm their artistic relation suggested by their residential buildings, it is quite sure, however, that the mutual direction of their political intentions could have established their sympathy.