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  • Fight Against Hunger: A Worldwide Challenge at the Onset of the Third Millenary

    We live in such an era and face such a century, in which the growth of the- world population, the problems deriving from the population explosion will create an unprecedented and never recurring situation for Hungary and the Hungarian animal husbandry as regards the tasks and possibilities ahead us. While presently 6 billion people live on Earth, in the first century of the third millenary the population can reach 10-12 billion and is expected to stagnate around that number.
    The Third World, the so-called developing countries struggling with enormous difficulties, makes up for 90% of the annual population growth of 80-90 million people, while the population of the developed countries is stagnant or decreasing. In this aspect, Hungary' s situation is extremely worrisome, because our population has been decreasing for two decades, and according to recent demographic forecasts could drop to 8 million in the next century if the present trend continues. This should be impeded, among others with the contribution of animal husbandry.
    The author evaluates the genetical possibilities with the help of which stockbreeders can meet the requirements of the future