No. 1 (2001): Special Issue - Journal of Agricultural Sciences

15N-Tracertechnik in der Pflanzenbauforschung

Published December 4, 2001
Heinz Peschke
Vortrag anläßlich der Verleihungszeremonie des Titels „Honoris Causa” der Universität Debrecen (Debrecen, 28. Oktober 1999.)


Peschke, H. (2001). 15N-Tracertechnik in der Pflanzenbauforschung. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (1), 3–9.

Issues of nitrogen are still of particular importance in crop sciences. 15N-tracer are used to identify the N dynamics in soils and the N transfer between soil and plant. This tool is also helpful in clarifying fertilization problems.
This article points out the special requirements for the application of stable 15N-isotops in agri-chemical research. Designs and results of selected laboratory experiments, examples of one-year field experiments, and a 15N long-term trial are represented in detail. The given literature refers to detailed results of diverse 15N publications in the system soil – fertilizer – (animal) – crop.


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