No. 15 (2004)

Technological and Technical Issues of Efficient Nutrient Supply

Published December 14, 2004
Attila Kőkuti
Tornádó International Ltd., Szeged


Kőkuti, A. (2004). Technological and Technical Issues of Efficient Nutrient Supply. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (15), 43–46.

Efficient plant production requires modern production technologies, including a nutrient supply of a scientific basis. The harmonic nutrient supply of quality products that are required by market demands can be produced by the optimal combination of a compound system of requirements. These requirements are partly preparatory (soil investigations, yield measurements, preparation of digital field maps) and are partly based on the knowledge of the most significant characteristics of the applied nutrients. Most artificial fertilizers are applied by spinning disc fertilizer spreaders all over the world, therefore, it is advisable to use them in Hungary as well. Importantly, these machines should be well adjustable, capable of the exact measurement and control of the spread quantity, as well as of even spreading. My report has investigated only the most significant technical requirements affecting the even application of nutrients.


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