No. 24 (2006)

An Applicable Method for Elaborating Agricultural Logistics Trends

Published October 11, 2006
Szabolcs Duleba
College of Nyíregyháza, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Department of Logistics and Project Management, Nyíregyháza


Duleba, S. (2006). An Applicable Method for Elaborating Agricultural Logistics Trends. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (24), 66–69.

Hungarian scientific practice focuses mainly on statistical methods to elaborate sector-specific trends. This paper aims to offer another alternative. The author’s view is that in rapidly and significantly changing markets, data extrapolation is not necessarily the ideal way to forecast certain trends of the sector. Agricultural Supply Chains have been restructured lately. There are remarkable developments in fields such as: warehousing systems, telematic systems, transportation. This is one of the reasons several drivers may alter the trends determined previously by statistical professionals. AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) synthesizes expert opinions concerning the future, so it is a decision-supporting method and therefore more flexible to the changes of the sector. The author introduces the application of the AHP for Agricultural Logistics Trends.


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