No. 34 (2009)

Tools of business process modelling

Published September 2, 2009
Patrícia Berecz
Povolny Ferenc Szakképező Iskola, Debrecen


Berecz, P. (2009). Tools of business process modelling. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (34), 19–25.

All companies have business processes, regardless of the size or the industry in which they operate. Both executive and operational managers need insight into software-based business processes and their performance for that transforming business workflows by modeling, simulating,  optimizing, and publishing processes and defining business rules. 
I would like to introduce what kind of possibility the companies have got, when they want to model their business process. I choose the ARIS system from software market. I sketch out the function of ARIS system, and his application possibility. At last I present the best known diagram by means of some practical example.


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