No. 62 (2014): Special crop protection issue

60th Anniversary of Hungarian Plant Protection Service

Published November 2, 2014
Ottó Pálmai
Fejér Megyei Kormányhivatal Növény- és Talajvédelmi Igazgatósága, Velence


Pálmai, O. (2014). 60th Anniversary of Hungarian Plant Protection Service. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (62), 8–10.

The author briefly overview the history of the 60-year-old Hungarian Plant Protection Service, which has improved to a model by its ’golden age’ period with a well organized system and excellence of specialists on the chemistry period of Hungarian agriculture. The profound changes both in policy and economy resulted a serious structural changes which continue even nowadays. Meanwhile country borders have been opened than EU membership of Hungary have generated new challenges by appearance and spread of new pests.


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