No. 51 (2013)

Regional significance of the Debrecen International Airport

Published February 10, 2013
Péter Váczi
Eszterházy Károly Főiskola Eger Sporttudományi Intézet, Eger


Váczi, P. (2013). Regional significance of the Debrecen International Airport. Acta Agraria Debreceniensis, (51), 187–190.

In the following essay I would like to examine the Debrecen International Airport’s reginonal status, significance and development opportunities. Furthermore, I would like compare the passenger traffic of Debrecen’s airport with other regional airports in Middle-East Europe during the 2005–2012 period. In the second part of my essay, I would like to share the experience of my questionnaire survey and a possible future perspective for the Debrecen International Airport.


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