Vol. 3 No. 1 (2020)


Published March 17, 2020
Kitti Lepp
University of Debrecen, Department of Sports Medicine
Dr. Zsuzsanna Némethné Gyurcsik
University of Debrecen, Department of Sports Medicine
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Lepp, K., & Némethné Gyurcsik, Z. (2020). INVESTIGATION OF STABILITY OF THE TRUNK AND LOWER LIMBS AMONG BALL PLAYERS. Stadium - Hungarian Journal of Sport Sciences, 3(1), 1-14. https://doi.org/10.36439/SHJS/2020/1/5428

The technical background of the various ball games is determined by its lower endpoint and ultimately provides a coordinated functional assurance of its muscles. The activity of the superficial and deep abdominal muscles is a function of the moving, kicking, jumping limbs, and the supporting, limiting and stabilizing functions of the supporting limb. A basic element of injury prevention is the operation of stabilizers. During the health check, routine testing options should be checked and a targeted intervention program developed.

 The aim of the research program was to measure the core and lower final stabilization functions of ballplayers - basketball players, water polo players, and soccer players - by classifying and analyzing the various technical knowledge into three groups, as well as statistical classification and analysis of the target groups.

 We tested U16 water polo, basketball and soccer players. A musculoskeletal comparative study was performed specifically with an examination of the stability of the torso and the lower limb, with special tests. Internationally Used Standard Tests: Single Leg Squat test (sec.), Single Leg Squat on TOGU test (sec.), Single leg wall-sit test (sec.) Single leg wall-sit with a ball (sec.), do a standard test with different results.

 The results are known because of their full scope, the development of muscle synergism needs in a given sport. Developing and launching a unified intervention program for further goals and then compiling, with the subsequent involvement, a statistical element to end the friendship.

 Developing the results and considering the technical background, determine the effectiveness of the exercise program, that is, a functional approach-based exercise program that needs to be introduced into the body and the final determination of the synergistic function from a special test position bank.


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