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Differentiated instruction not only for Mathematics teachers
Published February 4, 2022

The aim of differentiated development in a heterogeneous group of learners (DDHG) is to reduce school leaving without education, using an adaptive and innovative teaching-learning environment and using the most effective strategies, methods and techniques. Furthermore, this strategy helps in developing skills for learners and building cooperati...on between learners in heterogeneous classes through the use of the special, status-management educational procedure, and finally its strength is to sort the status ranking among learners, and to change the social structure of the class. Our goal is to figure out how to share best practices with teachers. One of the effective ways to renew teaching practice is through further training for teachers. As a trainer of the Logic-based subprogram of the Complex Basic Program (CBP) the author of the paper has experienced how well logic-based and decision-making strategies work in other subjects as well as in mathematics.

Subject Classification: 97D40

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