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Egy hallgatás története – gyerekirodalom: (Oravecz Imre: Máshogy mindenki más, 1979, 1996, 2018)
Megjelent január 1, 2019

The study attempts to expound the history of reception of Imre Oravecz’s book Máshogy mindenki más (Everyone Is Different in a Different Way). Oravecz published his third book (the first edition) in 1979. From a historical and explicitly YA perspective it was treated as a silent achievement, because this volume has almost disappeared among ...the other books of the author. However, this is not only important in the context of the author’s oeuvre, but also in the Hungarian children’s literature research. This study tries to examine the central role of this book with regard to possibilities and problems of the current YA studies. In the context of the rhetorical reading crucial questions may arise, such as the role of canon, the correlation between reading and game.

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Egy paradoxon ígérete: A lírafogalom változása Borbély Szilárd kritikai munkáiban
Megjelent január 1, 2016

The critical reviews and articles of Borbély Szilárd are collected in the volume Hungarikum-e a líra? The central question of this book is whether the canonical position of Hungarian poetry is relevant or exists at all. Besides the books of certain authors, this volume inquires into different poetical forms, patterns and modifications in the... history of Hungarian poetry, which are subordinated to the ideological discourse, beyond the system of literature. In my study I try to reveal the blindness and insights of Borbély’s reading, and moreover I try to show how the foregoing ideological figure, which Borbély tried to eliminate, can be basically rewritten into Borbély’s concept by the arrestive paradox that constitutes the structures and methods of his book. Hence I attempt to reveal ’Borbély’s unique voice’ that configures the language and narrative technique of his book. My aim was to present the merits of his volume and find its place in the author’s oeuvre.

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