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  • Kovács András Ferenc egyik álarca
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    András Ferenc Kovács is one of the most important contemporary representatives of Hungarian-speaking poetry in Romania. He publishes in Hungary as well as in Romania. The poems of his Calvus cycle are edited in several Hungarian and Romanian periodicals. Calvus („translated” by Kovács) and the fictitious Hungarian poet Lázáry, who „translates” in the style of the 19th century Calvus, are two poetical masks of several other ones of Kovács. This paper focuses on the influence of Roman poetry by Calvus, Catullus, Prorpertius, Ovidius in Kovács’s cycle, on the Catullan subjects with contemporary allusions and on the virtuous metrical art of Kovács. Although hidden in an ancient mask, the poet is speaking to his contemporaries about art, literature, love and politics.