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„Parcite autem obsecro Lampridio Vestro in Zabanio redivivo, Dynastae spectatissimi…”: Apafi Mihály temetésének gyászbeszédei és a szász Zabanius Izsák latin orációja
Megjelent július 1, 2013

Izsák Zabanius, rector (school teacher) of Szeben (Hermannstadt) told his Latin sermon on the funeral of Mihály Apafi, Duke of Transylvania. During his reign, Apafi succeeded in expelling the Hapsburgs and the Turkish from the territory of Hungary and Transylvania, so after the death of the duke, Transylvania was soon under the rule of Empero...r Leopold I. This paper presents the way the leaders of Transylvania and especially the Saxons regulated by the new interests of the Western ruler, and how they immediately turned from a tradition of one and a half century.

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A mártírium toposza a Felvinczi Sándor halálára íródott prédikációkban és epigrammákban
Megjelent július 1, 2012

Although Sándor Felvinczi, a Hungarian Calvinist preacher of Debrecen in the second half of seventeenth century was not persecuted by the Habsburgs or the Catholics, he was still represented as a martyr by funeral sermons and epigrams which were published to commemorate him in 1686 in a volume entitled Hedera Poetica. A few years after the dec...ade of persecution (persecutio decennalis) most funeral texts used the topos of martyrdom. There are several Biblical and Classical sources of this early modern rhetorical tradition, and the present study sets out to examine these.

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