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Nyelviség, szociologikum és kulturális tradíció Tar Sándor Szilvia című novellájában

The study approaches the short story of Sándor Tar, “Szilvia” with two specific aims. The first is scientific, to identify the linguistic components of the short story and to interpret its language and narration. The analysis is also about how the short story reflects on the literary tradition, especially the tradition of the initiation-st...ories and the short stories of Ferenc Móra from the beginning of the 20th century. The second aim is educational: to show how a certain literary analysis can be applied in schools.

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Kortárs és ifjúsági: Mark Haddon: A kutya különös esete az éjszakában
Megjelent január 1, 2019

It is pivotal for contemporary youth literature to be made part of the curriculum, however, it is unnecessary for the education politics to canonise any of them. Contemporary novels give opportunity to discuss important psychological, social, ideological and artistic issues. Within the framework of problem-centred education they prioritise the ...processed issue besides the aesthetic quality and linguistic accessibility. Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time provides excellent opportunity to discuss the problems of people with autism and it is also suitable to improve empathy towards them, their families and parents. The study includes a detailed plan for discussion, the questions and exercises are ordered to follow the process of constructive pedagogy: tuning up – creation of meaning – reflection.

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