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Bajza József és az Aurora pénze: (az Aurora-pör „hatalom-gazdasági” olvasata és a bajzai lélek)
Megjelent október 30, 2021

After the death of Károly Kisfaludy, the founder-editor of the ground-breaking literary almanac titled The Aurora. National Almanac, the so called Aurora Lawsuit broke out, which aimed to settle the control over the future fate of the publication. The literary consensus so far concluded that the polemics were won by József Bajza, who triumphe...d over his opponents, furthermore it was him who separated the hitherto confused definitions of author, editor and publisher, as well as the division of the rights of the publisher, author and editor, and he also managed to improve the recognition of the latter. The paper “reinterprets” the Aurora Lawsuit with a more critical view of József Bajza than before. Besides its purpose to prove that there was no superior triumph, it also aims to point out the basic motivation behind the situation, which was not discussed properly before, the aspect of power-financial gain.

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Az ősz, az ősz: A közelítő tél mint beszédesemény és mint szövegváltozat: (egy módszertani olvasat, következményekkel)
Megjelent július 1, 2019

This paper, after introducing a group-based method of a university poetry-analysis, presents a noteworthy seminar-interpretation of Daniel Berzsenyi’s poem with the title ’A közelítő tél’ (“As Winter Approaches”). The point is that the work is not read as a poem of death, but as a poem of aging, and the first version of the histor...y of its morphosis (with the title ‘Az ősz’, “The Autumn”) is highlighted, in contrast to the final transcript, which is actually known only. It is obvious from the naturally non-exclusive interpretation that the poem – and Berzsenyi’s entire poetry – has much more to do with the popularity of community poetry than we usually think, and the stakes of that poem, in the light of our reading, are quite different from what we have learned and thought so far. All of this also has a significant message for contemporary literary education.

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