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The Intelligent Space Modeled as a Cyber-Physical System
Published December 23, 2019

According to a general rule definition, the intelligent space (iSpace) is defined as a location (or space) provided with electronic sensor networks that enable the considered environment with intelligent behaviors. As a result, the considered space will be able to perceive stimulus around them and to understand events that happen its near surro...unding. Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are building blocks in Industry 4.0 that links digital technology and the physical environment in an industrial context. They combine intelligent physical objects and systems on a high level of functions integration. This paper emphasizes the main idea that intelligent spaces may be also modeled as complex cyber-physical systems, as well. This approach has been developed by discussing the theoretical basis of both the iSpaces and CPSs, respectively unfolding a short comparison between their basic behaviors. As a concrete example, the CPS model of a given iSpace framework is presented and discussed widely in the paper. This model has been experimented by using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processor-based ready-to-use development systems and software technologies that handles reconfigurable hardware technology. The implementation proves that the developed CPS model is well feasible and expresses in all the main behaviors and functions of iSpaces. It is also mentioned that the actual stage of the technological development terms and scientific areas related to iSpaces and CPSs overlaps. In fact, this is not surprising at all by considering nowadays evidence that iSpaces are widely present and shared components in modern manufactory processes that are an inherent part of Industry 4.0 vision and reality.

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ROS OS based environment mapping of Cyber Physical System Lab by Depth sensor
Published December 31, 2020

The 21st century is a century of Robotics and thus the appearance of robots in the industries made the “Industrial Revolution 4.0” in which we can control and analyse the system using HMI’s or wirelessly over network and it’s a great example of industry 4.0 component. Nowadays robots are very important part of industry’s pr...ocessing unit as they have the tendency to work 24*7 thus increases the efficiency of processing and production unit.

 In our project a depth sensor (Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect) is mounted on a mobile robot whose main task is to map our Cyber Physical System Lab in 3-Dimensional which uses a ROS OS software installed on linux machine.

 The robot will use a Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) process to map an environment while currently generating an estimate for the location of the Robot.

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Android Linux alapú alkalmazás fejlesztése & RFID beléptető rendszer monitorozása

Napjainkban az IoT eszközök egyre szélesebb körben vannak jelen az iparban és ez a trend kezd elterjedni a kis- és középvállalkozások körében is. Az efféle új technológiai ágazatok az Industry 4.0 megjelenése óta robbanásszerű növekedésnek indultak. Az informatikusok számára új kihívást jelent ez az új irányzat, miv...el a korábbinál alaposabb ismeretekre van szükségük a számítógépes hálózatok területén, valamint a hálózatra kötött eszközöket nemcsak programozniuk kell megtanulni, de ismerniük kell azok egyes elemeit és működésüket. Projekt során egy olyan beléptető rendszert került létrehozásra, ami nemcsak a nagyvállalatok, de a kisebb vállalkozások, valamint magánszemélyek számára is megfizethető, és könnyen kezelhető.

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Jelzőtáblák mozgóképről történő felismerésére létrehozott szoftver OpenCV alapon

Manapság az autóbalesetek nagy százaléka azért történik meg, mivel az autóvezetők valamilyen külső/belső behatás következtében figyelmen kívül hagyják az út menti jelzőtáblákat. Az ilyen mulasztások miatt bekövetkezett károk sokszor komoly anyagi terhet jelentenek, rosszabb esetben, mint ismeretes az emberi élet nem p...tolható. A projektben ezért törekedtünk arra, hogy az eddigi fejlesztések során megalkotott munkát abba az irányba fejlesszük tovább, ami segíthet ezt kiküszöbölni vagy iránymutatásként szolgálhat. A munka során megalkotott program lehetővé teszi, hogy egy tetszőlegesen megadott videó
felvételen szereplő jelző táblát vagy valódi táblát felismerjen.

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Vibration Analysis and Optimal Design of Pneumatic Circuits Using Artificial Neural Networks
Published September 14, 2016

Pneumatic systems are commonly used in industry processes and applications of automotion. These systems are make attractive power transmission with the compressed air, because of they are economic, clear, safe and simple structured.So in this systems, as noise and vibration effects, it’ s undesirable situations both human health and system pe...rformances yield and working life. In this study, vibration and noise datas are obtained from two type of pneumatic systems prototype which are classify metal and non-metal materials and performed an analysis with help of this datas and used neural network which has adaptive and quick contruction.

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The effect of air-fuel equivalence ratio change on the vibration components of an internal-combustion engine
Published March 18, 2015

Nowadays the automotive industry and the motor development are one of the most dynamically developing industries. One solution to the diagnostic systems providing reliability is the acoustic and vibration measurement system, which can indicate and predict a variety of malfunctions after signal processing. The purpose of this experiment is to an...alyze the effect of the air-fuel equivalence ratio on the vibration components of an internal-combustion engine (ICE) which is a part of the in question measurement system. In the focus of the experiments are the analysis of the time signal, its spectra, and the power content of the signal. With the increment of the air-fuel ratio the amplitudes of the measured signal and its spectral amplitudes showed a downward trend as the RMS values. In addition, certain frequency components disappeared during the actuation of the ICE with an electromotor, so the characterization of the combustion could be come to the front.

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Bond-Graph model based stepper motor output characteristics simulation implemented in LabVIEW environment
Published January 7, 2021

In the industry, simulations are of great importance. They enable measurements to be made in different conditions about a virtual device, which are highly comparable to measurements made in a real life scenarios.

Because of their wide range of usage in lower power drive systems, where precision and simplicity is a must, the subject of s...tudy is a permanent magnet stepper motor. For precise positioning purposes, it is essential to know the positioning behaviour of these devices.

The model construction process involved an intermediate step, which consisted of creating the Bond-Graph of the motor based on pre-defined models available in the literature in this field.

In the next step, the Bond-Graph model was converted to a block diagram of the motor. This permitted the direct implementation of the motor model in LabVIEW visual programming environment. The preliminary steps allows us to check and confirm the functionality and correctness of the model.

This article covers in detail the model conversion and implementation steps of the simulation. At the end, the functionality of the simulation was tested.

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Deep Learning usage is spread across many fields of application. This paper presents details from a selected variety of works published in recent years to illustrate the versatility of the Deep Learning techniques, their potential in current and future research and industry applications as well as their state-of-the-art
status in vision tas...ks, where their efficiency is experimentally proven to near 100% accuracy. The presented applications range from navigation to localization, object recognition and more advanced interactions such as grasping.

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Analysis of an Induction Machine by the Finite Element Method

Induction machines are popular in every segments of industry due to their simple construction and robust operation. Asynchronous machines have been being built in electric vehicles, too. The paper presents the two dimensional analysis of a voltage-fed induction machine by different kind of finite element software. The results have been compared....

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