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Potential applications of landscape ecological patch-gradient maps in nature conservational landscape planning
Published December 31, 2008

There are rather limited opportunities for using the results of landscape ecology in practical nature
conservation. The reasonS for this are – at least partly – the different scales and frames of the two
fields. For more effective cooperation there is an opportunity for landscape ecology to determine
patch-gradients that are helpfu...l for nature protection in expanding the living space of endangered
species via CORINE land use-pattern in mixed use agricultural areas. Such alternative migration
tracks become valuable in places, where landscape ecological corridors and stepping stone places are
missing. The method applies the gradient concept of landscape structure of McGarigal and Cushman
(2005). Determination of patch-gradients can be a good background material for settlement- and
infrastructure planning; and for the elaboration of medium- and long term nature protection concepts
or for even general landscape protection strategies as well.

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Analysis of the connection between urban land cover and census districts using geoinformatical methods
Published December 15, 2012

Remote sensing resources are usually used in research to better understand urban built-up density, spatial structure and the processes of change. Based on results of image segmentation, landscape metrics indexes, texture and pattern may be analyzed beside the spatial changes in urban reflectance. Social processes within the settlement can be an...alyzed efficiently, although the census data may also be connected to the urban land cover data through geoinformation systems. On the research project different parameters of urban segments, i.e. patch number, mean patch area, total patch area, total patch perimeter, patch density and edge density, formations that make up the urban pattern were analyzed. Urban functional districts of different built-up density were separated using appropriate indexes, and extending the database with spectral content made it possible to review district boundaries and to mark new boundaries due to these changes.

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Measuring connectivity - A new approach for the geometrization of the landscape and for the enhancement of cost-effectiveness in landuse planning
Published December 27, 2009

The study aims to introduce a new method and approach for measuring the diversity of connectivity
with the help of the landscape geometrization, in order to create a new variable useful in landscape
metrics and to decrease the costs of landscape planning if its main goal is the enhancement of
connectivity. Using induction we identify t...he landscape elements with geometric elements,
calculating the theoretical maximum line, section, intersection point (node) number and compare
these values of the idealistic landscape to the values of the real landscape.

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