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Potential applications of landscape ecological patch-gradient maps in nature conservational landscape planning
Published December 31, 2008

There are rather limited opportunities for using the results of landscape ecology in practical nature
conservation. The reasonS for this are – at least partly – the different scales and frames of the two
fields. For more effective cooperation there is an opportunity for landscape ecology to determine
patch-gradients that are helpfu...l for nature protection in expanding the living space of endangered
species via CORINE land use-pattern in mixed use agricultural areas. Such alternative migration
tracks become valuable in places, where landscape ecological corridors and stepping stone places are
missing. The method applies the gradient concept of landscape structure of McGarigal and Cushman
(2005). Determination of patch-gradients can be a good background material for settlement- and
infrastructure planning; and for the elaboration of medium- and long term nature protection concepts
or for even general landscape protection strategies as well.

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