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Assessing data quality of remotely-sensed DEM's in hungarian sample area
Published September 24, 2013

Nowadays the free-access digital elevation models are getting more and more popular. The SRTM and ASTER GDEM databases are the most widespread. However, there are numerous situations and weaknesses we have to take into account during their usage, such as direction-dependent accuracy and difference between digital and real surfaces. Our goal was... to examine these kinds of deficiencies of surface models.

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Morphometric changes of the River Bodrog from the late 18th century to 2006
Published December 27, 2009

The river regulations of the 19th century have affected each of our rivers to a different degree. In the
case of the River Bodrog it was stronger than the average. In our paper a section of the river between
Bodroghalász and Szegi was examined, the extent and intensity of river channel changes was
intended to be determined. The applie...d series of maps and aerial photos was georeferred and the river
channel was vectorized. The morphometric parameters of the channel were measured and the changes
were evaluated using the created database. From methodological aspect we concluded that the 9
variables can be grouped into 3 factors therefore most of the indexes can be substituted. We measured
the changes of length and lateral shift of the channel using GIS methods. Three development periods
were identified based on our results. In the first period the development of the river was characterized
by natural processes. Then, the development of the river altered owing to the antropogenic impacts. In
this transient phase the average shifting of the channel was 7.43 m/y. In the third term this value
reduces to 0.2 m/y as the river is getting to reach the equilibrium stage.

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