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Comparison of soil moisture indices and field measurements in hilly agricultural lands of SW Hungary
Published July 14, 2021

The retention of surface runoff and the preservation of soil moisture are among the most important water-related ecosystem services. In addition to field monitoring, advanced remote sensing techniques have been devised to reveal soil moisture dynamics on agricultural land. In our study we compare two soil moisture indices, TWI and SAVI, in thre...e agricultural areas with different land use types. The SAVI has been found suitable to point out spatial variation on the moisture conditions of the vadose zone.

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Paleoenvironments reconstructed from the analyses of loess sequences on Susak Island, Adriatic Sea
Published December 21, 2017

Susak Island is the outermost member of the archipelago of the Kvarner Bay, North Adriatic Sea, Croatia. Its long-term landscape evolution is defined by tectonic movements. Most characteristic are partly exhumed landforms of an ancient terrane (scarps, uplifted limestone cliffs) in a still active neotectonic environment, but the most appropriat...e tools for the reconstruction of Quaternary paleoenvironments are loess and loess-like deposits. The Quaternary sequence is up to almost 100 m thickness locally and intensively studied by numerous disciplines (from structural geology to geochemistry and geomorphology) today. The special location of the island makes it a key area of research into the evolution of the broader environment, including the Po Plain as well as other Italian source areas of wind-borne and redeposited dust. The loess mantle was also of great importance for a paleoecological reconstruction of floral and faunal evolution, on which efforts of nature conservation are founded.

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Interpolation and 3D visualization of soil moisture
Published December 31, 2017

Adaptation to climate change demands the optimal and sustainable water management in agriculture, with an inevitable focus on soil moisture conditions. In the current study we developed an ArcGIS 10.4. platform-based application (software) to model spatial and temporal changes in soil moisture in a soy field. Six SENTEK Drill & Drop soil mo...isture sensors were deployed in an experimental field of 4.3 hectares by the contribution of Elcom Ltd. Soil moisture measurement at each location were taken at six depths (5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 cm) in 60-minute intervals. The model is capable to spatially interpolate monitored soil moisture using the technique. The time sequence change of soil moistures can be tracked by a Time Slider for both the 2D and 3D visualization. Soil moisture temporal changes can be visualized in either daily or hourly time intervals, and can be shown as a motion figure. Horizon average, maximum and minimum values of soil moisture data can be identified with the builtin tool of ArcGIS. Soil moisture spatial distribution can be obtained and plotted at any cross sections, whereas an alarm function has also been developed for tension values of 250, 1,000 and 1,500 kPa.

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Hydromorphological assessment of the lower Hungarian Drava section and its floodplain
Published August 28, 2016

The hydromorphological properties of rivers and their floodplains receive increased attention both in basic research and water management. A comparison of hydromorphological parameters before and after river regulation (involving floodplain drainage) provides important information for river management, particularly floodplain rehabilitation. Th...e paper assesses a selected reach of the Drava River and the corresponding floodplain utilising two international approaches, the REFORM framework and the Italian Morphological Quality Index.

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