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Megjelent 2021 október 27

From the very beginning cattle was linked to the pastures and countryside. Development of the animal production and limited land resources pushed producers to keep cattle in places where they would be collected together. That solution helps to run breeding and husbandry procedures more efficiently. However, even the support of genetics and management, modern agriculture faces problems related to indoor system. There is a dilemma among farmers to keep animals indoor or outdoor. In the following material attempt will be taken to analyse factors related to grazing and cattle welfare issues. This work will not only focus on Hungarian or European agriculture issues. Experiences and animal policies related to grazing cattle from different countries and regions of the world were also collected. Actions taken in one part of the world might be not applicable in another. However, it is still interesting to see how agricultural production affects nature resources and communities. There is the same background off all stories related to grazing cattle - sustainable development and particular lobby behind. Whether there is a farmer, holding, enterprise or animal welfare organisation. There is only a question if this is going to be more economical or ethical approach. 

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