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Hüttl Tivadar (1884-1955) Debrecen klinikaalapító és iskolateremtő sebész professzora
Published April 12, 2015

HÜTTL TIVADAR (1884–1955), PROFESSOR SURGEON, FOUNDER OF A SCHOOL AND CLINIC IN DEBRECEN. After inishing his studies, Tivadar Hüttl worked in the Institute of Pathology at the Budapest University besides Professor Antal Genersich, later int he Clinic of Surgery besides Professor Tibor Verebély. From 1921 he w...orked as Deputy director of the forming Faculty of Medicine at the Tisza István University in Debrecen, in 1922 he was appointed as the full professor of Surgery and the Director of the Clinic of Surgery. During his leadership he established several departments which became clinics later on. He created a truly scientiic school environment, professors, hospital directors became his students. In the academic year of 1930–40 he was the Rector of the university. He was wrongfully accused in 1945 and he was divested of his professor title. Later he worked as the head physician of the State Institute of Oncology.

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Tivadar Hüttl, Rector Magnificus of the Academic Year 1939/40 of the Tisza István University
Published January 14, 2020

Tivadar Hüttl, Professor of Surgery the Rector Magnificus of the Hungarian Royal István Tisza University of Debrecen during the Academic Year 1939/40. Tivadar Hüttl – whose father was the owner of a successful porcelain factory – graduated as a doctor of medicine from the University of Arts and Sciences of Budapest, and worked there the I. Surgery Clinic besides Professor Tibor Verebély. In 1921, he was entrusted with the management of the Surgery Clinic in Debrecen, and one year later, he became a director-professor. In his clinic, he organized sections of otorhinolaryngology, stomatology, urology, traumatology, orthopaedics, etc., which later became independent clinics. He established an important scientific school; his students came to him from all over the world. In the academic year of 1939-1940, he was the rector of the István Tisza University of Arts and Sciences of Debrecen, and the representative of the university in the Upper House of the Hungarian Parliament. In 1944, he stayed in Budapest because of the war, and after his return, he was deprived of the position of professor on indignant causes in a show trial. From 1951 to his death in 1955, he was the head physician of the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest.


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