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Plans for Establishing a University at the Time of Bishop György Klimo
Published June 30, 2020

One of the most important goals of Bishop Gyorgy Klimo of Pécs was to improve the education of his diocese’s clergy. This objective was subject to change and development through his years as bishop: from time to time one can identify many new elements in his educational plans. Klimo intended to establish a strong educational institution,, besides serving as a preparatory school for the faculty of theology, he planned to build a university on, and which, in the same time, could become a fundament of regional education and culture. These components appeared as a complex structure in his concept: with the establishment of the university he wanted to enhance the reputation of his diocese and his see, while he also aimed to improve the scholarship of the clergy. In this paper I show the process of the new school’s establishment, while I also attempt to find answer to the question that what kind of institution did Klimo exactly want to create in 1769 in Pécs.

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