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Report of the international workshop Science between Tradition and Innovation: Historical Perspectives
Published September 14, 2019

Conference Review on the workshop of Science between Tradition and Innovation: Historical Perspectives. On 28th and 29th of May 2019 ’The Patterns of the Circulation of Scientific Knowledge in Hungary, 1770–1830’ research group organized the conference on Science between Tradition and Innovation: Historical Perspectives in Szekfű Gyula L...ibrary (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest). The programme of the conference was based on the English and German papers of the Hungarian, Czech, Austrian and German guests and the members of the research group of history of science at Eötvös Loránd University Institute of History. The principle aim of the conference was to negotiate the East-Central European context of the problem of tradition and innovation which has become well-known in recent studies of history of science and cultural history. Periodically, the conference framed the frequently underrated, eighteenth-century period of early modern scientific culture. The thematic panels and papers investigated the historical and analitical implications of the long eighteenth century paying special attention to such questions as of the use of concepts, scientific practices, knowledge production, transfer processes, and scientific disciplines.

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