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Teghze Gyula jogászprofesszor, a Debreceni M. Kir. Tisza István Tudományegyetem 1922/23. tanévi rector magnificusa
Published September 20, 2015

GYULA TEGHZE LAW PROFESSOR, THE RECTOR MAGNIFICUS OF ISTVÁN TISZA HUNGARIAN ROYAL UNIVERSITY IN DEBRECEN DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR OF 1922/23. Gyula Teghze (1867–1939), the founder professor of the Faculty of Law at the University of Debrecen, was the third Rector from the law faculty in the history of the unive...rsity in the academic year 1922/23. He, as a recognized jurist and professor of international law and philosophy of law, spent time at a number of universities in diferent foreign countries. He was a lecturer at the Academy of Law of the Reformed College of Debrecen from 1910, and at the University of Debrecen for a quarter of a century from 1914. During this time he served once as rector and twice as dean.

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