Lichner József: The suffering journey of the Alma Mater from Selmecbánya to Sopron

The end of the First World War and the  decomposition of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy influenced a lot of the Higher Education.

The Settlement of the Hungarian Royal Minin and Forestry College (Academy) from Selmecbánya to Sopron, 1918/19

The Resettlement of the Hungarian Royal Mining and Forestry College (Academy) from Selmecbánya (Banská Štiavnica) to Sopron, 1918/19. The history of the Hungarian Royal Mining and Forestry
College’s goes back to 1735, the establishing of the School for Training Mining Officers. During the centuries, this school developed in his type to the only higher educational institution of the Hungarian part of Austro-
Hungarian Empire. At the beginning of World War I, it was a Europe-known technical college. With the outbreak of World War I, there was a big rupture in the life of the college. The last lectures started on 6th
October, 1918, but the academic year could not be finished. The troops of the new Czechoslovakia occupied the region. The professors and the students decided to keep the Hungarian citizenship and they wanted to
teach and learn in a Hungarian institution hence they packed up the college and moved from the ancestral residence to Hungary. They had many difficulties during the flight but finally the so-called „refugee
university” found place in Sopron.