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The state university existence has begun in 1912 in Debrecen. With the approaching of its centenary the Centennial Committee was established and since 2007 a Steering Committee manages directly the organization of the worthy commemoration of the centenary. It was during this activity when it became clear that despite of the existing excellent historical works there are a lot of gaps in the processing of the hundred years and also the earlier eras. This also applies for other national and European institutions as well. Therefore it seemed worthwhile to establish a journal that provides space for university historical data, information and research results. In 2009 this lead to the founder’s decision that the University of Debrecen creates the Gerundium University History Publications Journal.

The manuscripts published in our journal are freely accessible to the public, available to anyone, their re-use and distribution are allowed in case the reference to the original author (source) is made correctly (title of the manuscript, name of the publication, volume, issue, relevant page no., date of issue). GERUNDIUM is indexed by EBSCO and ProQuest