Évf. 12 (2020): Konferencia Különszám

How can a new career change the life of a 70+ pensioner

Megjelent november 26, 2020
Andras Arato
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Arato, A. (2020). How can a new career change the life of a 70+ pensioner. Magyar Gerontológia, 12(Különszám), 2. https://doi.org/10.47225/MG/12/Különszám/8444

As a case study, the lecturer uses his own example to show how a new role can bring positive changes in the life of a retired person.

In his case, the activity in old age is a family inheritance. His father worked as a proofreader and multi-lingual translator until he died at the age of 83. His grandfather won a competition for modern methods of teaching physics when he was 82.

After retiring as an electrical engineer, Andras Arato, at the age of 65, became known on the Internet, mainly among young people, thanks to a random coincidence. Based on his somewhat sad smile he was given the name Hide the pain Harold, the internet users started making funny memes from his photos. Initially, he did not accept his new role, tried to fight it. It took several years to realize that what he could not change, had to be at the forefront of it. At the age of 72, he got to the point of creating his website for his fans. He started working to replace the not always positive message of the memes to carry a positive point of view. The basic idea of his philosophy, that is the smaller or bigger annoyances of life should not be taken too seriously, they should be overcome with a sad smile, resonated among young people. He already has more than half a million followers worldwide, but his most successful posts reach tens of millions through sharing.

The popularity gained in this way has changed his daily life. Through invitations, he visited many countries around the world from Siberia to South America. His previously more introverted personality became more open to public appearances. Keeping up with the events of the world, new technical possibilities and the way of thinking of young people mean a steady occupation for him. His history is one-off and unrepeatable, but it provides an example of the positive consequences a career change in old age.