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The interrelationship between the factors influencing retail selection behavior and FMCG market network
Published August 21, 2020

From the consumer behaviour perspective the role of retail selection have a salient importance. Hence in the case of FMCG markets network development as a key area of store chains’ distribution systems is a substantial tool in competition for customers. In our paper we investigate the main network development influencing factors in the case o...f main store chains is Hungary. We also detail the relationship between the size and the change of store chains and the consumer store choice, possibilities, and the freedom-level of decision making

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Role of Children in the Case of Parental Food Store Choice
Published August 6, 2020

Family as a primary decision making unit of society have a significant role in purchase decision making processes of individuals. It has a significant role in consumer socialization and in the process how children become consumers. It is a frame, within what children learn to behave as consumers, acquire all
competencies concerning to and consumption, and hence become competent to other consumers. Change of children’s role within the family is in the air in the last period, and this has an effect on purchase decision making processes within the family maybe on food store choice too. 

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The Children’s Role in the Food Purchase Decision-Making Process
Published August 6, 2020

In our present paper we wish to give a closer picture of store, product and brand choice in the food purchase decision-making process. We examined the role played by children in the family purchase decision-making process, especially in store, product and brand choice at daily and big shopping. In our research we applied - apart from bibliograp...hy review and secondary research - primary qualitative (deep interview) research. On the basis of our qualitative research findings children play an important role in the family purchase decision-making process, but this role is not dominant. According to our research findings children play a bigger role in the store choice at big shopping and in the product choice when they choose the product for their own consumption.

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