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The Study Contract from the Point of View of the Labour Market and in Legal Respects
Published August 21, 2020

Nowadays labour market demands are more often satisfied by concluding a study contract at workplaces. This contract may generate a number of benefits for the employer and the employee as well. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, the author strives to summarize the necessity and the advantages of the study contract from the point of v...iew of the labour market; furthermore, the present paper explores how the study contract is regulated in the Hungarian
Labour Code. The Code stipulates fewer provisions on the study contract compared with the former labour law regulation, so parties have a greater freedom of choice to conclude contractual provisions taking their special employment relationship and labour market demands into account. In order to avoid legal disputes among the parties concerned the author tries to pay attention to the more important questions which should be regulated in a study contract.

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The Value of Engineering and Technology, Agricultural, and Informatics Degrees on the Labour Market
Published August 21, 2020

Nowadays the rising unemployment rate for newly graduated students poses a considerable problem. Although obtaining a degree and a certificate is not enough on the labour market, it is a fact that college graduates' unemployment rates overall are still lower than the national average. In this paper we focus on the value of engineering and techn...ology degrees, agricultural degrees and the informatics degree on the labour market.

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The Labour Market Study of Women Participating in Adult Education in Miskolc
Published August 21, 2020

In our study we would like to present the effect of adult education on the situation of women in the labour market in the subregion of Miskolc. During our research we developed several hypotheses that we proved by analysing the literature, by statistical data, and a questionnaire on this subject. Women over the age of 18, who are economically a...ctive and are living in the subregion of Miskolc were selected for the research. Altogether 200 people completed the questionnaire. We used IBM SPSS Statistics 20 and Microsoft Excel 2007 software to examine the data. The aim of our research was to prove that regarding the inhabitants of the subregion of Miskolc adult education is not effective enough to change the situation of women in the labour market. The results of the questionnaire showed the interest in adult education, but supply does not meet demand, since the state either does not support the education or the unemployed or the job-seeker cannot find a suitable education that would match her qualifications. We would like to recommend solutions for the development of this area, for the decrease of unemployment, for the improvement of the situation of women in the labour market and for increasing the efficiency of adult education.

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Vocational Training, Labor Market and Immigration Policy in Russia
Published August 6, 2020

In point of view of labour market the immigration has become the major factor in recent times. The main tasks of immigration policy: compensation of labour shortages in relation with demographic and aging population problems; to satisfy the long-term demand for labour in some business sectors; to ensure the labor supply of innovation-qualified ...investment processes; organizing of preparation of experts from requested profession; to limit the short-term unskilled
labor immigration; creating the necessary conditions and broaden the opportunities for immigration for business use.

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Vocational Training, Labor Market and Immigration Policy in Russia
Published August 6, 2020

In point of view of labour market the immigration has become the major factor in recent ti mes. The main tasks of immigration policy: compensation of labour shortages in relation with demographic and aging population problems; to sati sfy the long-term demand for labour in some business sectors; to ensure the labor supply of innovati on-qualifi... ed investment processes; organizing of preparati on of experts from requested profession; to limit the short-term unskilled
labor immigrati on; creating the necessary conditi ons and broaden the opportuniti es for immigration for business use.

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The improvement of speaking skills at pilot courses at the College of Szolnok in the light of the findings of our labour market survey
Published August 6, 2020

The research conducted by the College of Szolnok in 2013 on the language requirements of the labour market revealed that what employers mostly find lacking in careerstarters is the confident and proficient use of foreign languages. On the basis of the research findings the subjects taught at the College have been developed in a practiceor...iented direction. In our lecture we elaborate on the possibilities of improving the communicative competence at our pilot courses. We give a survey of the phases of the improvement of speaking skills, the most important condition of the communication process. We present the task types characterising the various phases of the development process, the strategies of teaching vocabulary using some German examples taken from some textbook series (Alltag, Beruf & Co.) used at the pilot courses.

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Tourism Competencies Development – Contradictious Perceptions of Stakeholders
Published August 6, 2020

Tourism and hospitality sector has an important role in the national economy as it has high  labour intensity, generates foreign currency income and improves the local economy by multiplier effect. Tourism labour market employs a wide range of employees from non-qualified to highqualified people. Tourism tertiary educators in Hungary conti...nue their operation by national-level legislation, and accreditation and students who complete tourism courses (should) be capable of professional occupation. The post-Bologna system offered more opportunities in tourism and hospitality education; two distinguished courses were available on the educational market to educate hospitality or tourism experts. After 2006, by launching Bologna system, institutions are allowed to commence just one, Tourism and Catering bachelor programme. A questionnairebased survey was conducted among graduating bachelor students with tourism and catering major, tutors teaching tourism and catering students and actors of tourism market, who going to be the employers of tourism graduates. The main aim of the research was to explore the personal or organizational expectations of stakeholders for professional competence development as a result of tourism and catering bachelor-level education. The bust majority of students stated that their primary aim is to gain professional competencies in tourism and hospitality to be able to fulfil managerial positions or to continue their studies on master-level. Although generic competences as communication skills in foreign languages, social sensitivity, problem solving or creativity have salient influence on job performance, students did not believe that they would be
essential. However, these factors were thought to be the most crucial by tutors and tourism service providers despite the fact that generic skill development is not in focus in tourism and catering bachelor-level education in Hungary. Not just the educational institutions but tourism companies providing work placement for students were considered to be an appropriate basis for competencies development that raised the question of monitoring and assessment. The findings can be profitable for all stakeholder group or policy decision makers in bachelor-level curriculum development. 

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Methodological paradigm shift in teaching foreign languages at college
Published August 6, 2020

It is not easy to bridge the gap between the labour market expectations and our students’ foreign language competence. It is a real challenge for the language teacher, and at the same time, it is a permanent motivation for innovation and perfection. I wish to present how blended learning in its broad sense has been used at English language te...aching at the college. I do believe that both language learning and life-long language practice can be made more effective and more
enjoyable by changing methodological concepts, exploiting ICT, applying tasks that enhance communicative competence.

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Back to the World of Work: On the Way to Public Employment in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County
Published August 6, 2020

In the autumn of 2008 the world economic crisis erupting in the United States of America dealt the economy and labour market of Hungary a hard blow. The economic crisis strengthened the adverse labour-market situation in the country’s more backward eastern areas, above all in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. With the aim of reduction of the incr...easing unemployment the Hungarian Employment Policy applies a number of labour-market tools. Public employment is one of the most important labour market tools. In my research I examined the role of public employment in the reduction of unemployment. In my thesis I looked for the answer to the question if public employment is able to handle unemployment efficiently and to reduce long-term unemployment. In my thesis I examined two of the most important public work programmes – between the period of 2009 and 2011 – which employed the highest number of workers in comparison with earlier programmes. I prepared the comparative analysis of the two programmes based on my own aspect system highlighting the strong and the weak points of these programmes. My research is based on scientific literature, various studies in this field, scientific and international professional journals and Internet sources.

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Young Romani People in Higher Educatiton
Published August 6, 2020

Are we prepared for the fact that young Romani people enter higher educati on in large numbers? Is the labour market ready for the recepti on of this newly appearing graduate group? Will these young people possess Romological knowledge acquired in higher educati on? Do we know what the Romani are like?

The Typical Features of the Regional Specialization in Poultry-Farming in Hungary Today
Published August 21, 2020

The territorial location issues of livestock in the European Union and also in our country have got into the focus over the past few years. There are different animal structures in the regions of our country and different animal species have become dominant. The location and the development of certain animal types are affected by a number of so...cio-economic factors (the history of breeding, ownership, labour and capital assets, etc.). In the case of the spatially differentiated species-structure we have to reckon with a variable profitability, human resources, technical standards, different risk factors and market opportunities in the different regions. The topicality of the research theme is enhanced by the fact that nowadays the spatial structure of animal production has become a key issue. That is why more and more research is needed in Hungary, primarily research studying and analysing the structural changes and principals of animal production (poultry production) in order to ensure that each region would have a rational and efficient breed-structure. In addition, it is expected in modern market economies that the various regions should specialize in animal species, for which they have the most favourable breeding conditions. In order to follow the poultry stock changes (spatial and structural) in the last decade, it was important to consider the spatial specialization of different species over time.

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Published August 21, 2020

Both tourist service providers and tourism developers it is becoming increasingly important to take into account the generational aspects. Generation’s problem is classically related to the activity of human resource management as a factor for employees involved in providing personal services appearing an integral part of the supply. The seco...nd one, but not the secondary aspect is related to the generational characteristics of demand that should be reflected in the supply of services. Generational demand characteristics are identified by a primary, question-based method, and the supply was analysed by observation generations’
specific tourist products. Comparing the obtained results leads to the conclusion about the adaptation to the generation needs.

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A comparative study of tourism Education on vocational level in Hungary and Finland
Published August 21, 2020

The rapid growth of tourism in Hungary and the labour migration to abroad resulted in a serious labour shortage in the industry. One of the sources of skilled and motivated workforce is the system of tourism vocational education and training, which can just slowly react to market changes due to its inertness. In addition, the highly centralized... system provides low-level of freedom to respond to regional differences, as the National Core Curriculum and its related regulatory documents are compulsory for the institutions and maintainers implementing them.

This paper seeks for possible solutions to the prevailing challenges by a comparative examination of the tourism VET system in Finland and Hungary. As a result the author propounds possible alternatives to develop secondary tourism education.

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Published January 11, 2022

In 2015, dual training was introduced in Hungary in an institutionalised form.  Dual training is a response to the needs of the labour market and has become increasingly popular since its introduction. The training is complex and multi-actor, so it is a major challenge to run it efficiently. The social and economic processes that have been... set in motion by the introduction of dual training are already visible.

This article aims to present the history, characteristics, advantages and difficulties of dual training, drawing on the literature on the subject.

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Generation Y = self-confidence?
Published August 6, 2020

It is assumed that certain personality traits, defined as key competencies by employers and providing competitive advantage on entering the labour market, may be developed in the process of teaching presentation techniques in the “Presentation and Writing Skills” college course. Our findings imply that these changes are not linked to the te...acher’s personality or the language in which the subject is taught. As the term progresses, students are becoming increasingly creative, more and more self-reliant in problem-solving and confident in assessing both their own and their peers’ performance, which, in turn, raises their self- onfidence, supports assertiveness and gives energy exerting beneficial influence not just on further studies but on their future career, as well. Our paper briefly describes Generation ”Y”, our teaching methods and the results of our survey.

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Published June 30, 2020

The aim of the article is to present the tourism as a potential developing phenomenon of the rural areas. The positive impacts of the tourism on the economy and appear in connection with the labour market and the investments. Tourism can have a postive effect on the health condtions of the citizens, mostly because of the increase of the spo...rting activity level. The employees formerly employed by the agricultural sector can easier move to the service sector because of the development of the rural areas.

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The Embedding of the Dual Training into the Labour Market, a Survey of the Needs for the Dual Training
Published August 21, 2020


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