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Aviai on Safety Issues of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applicai on - Presentai on for the Results of Research Area
Published August 6, 2020

Nowadays numbers of internai onal aviai onal- and flight safety organizaton and national authority conducts research concerning regulai ons of UAV operai ons, whose role is rising irreversibly, and concerning more safety operai ons of intelligent devices. The group of Hungarian aviai on professionals has been conduci ng research on this area, f...i nanced by the funds European Union. In the ari cle the authors present the risks of aerial robots, and present the New Széchenyi
Plan “Crii cal Infrastructure Proteci on Research TÁMOP-4.2.1.B-11/2/KMR-2011-0001”, and as a part of research the project for the regulai onal background of UAV applicai ons. Detailing the goals of research, theirs accoplishments and expected results for the future.

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