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Guesthouse catering facility as an experience generator in electronic communication of hungarian rural tourism supply
Published August 21, 2020

Based on the model of tourism experience components, the experience basis and experience generators allow the creation of experience promises, the formation of experience imagination and the realization of experience. The catering facilities of rural tourism cannot be considered as a part of the experience basis from the point of view of supply... due to the legislative framework i.e. the limited availability of catering services. At the same time, demand considers as an essential supply element the countryside flavours, the tasting of traditional gastronomy in terms of both the endowment and the availability and from the professional point of view, the appearance of a supply element in rural tourism in Hungary is unquestionable. The exploratory research covers the entire range of qualified accommodation based on the FATOSZ (Hungarian National Association of Rural and Agrotourism) electronic communication database, analyses the experience promises based on the aspects developed according to the topic, identifying their experience basis or experience generator characteristics, looking for the relationship between quality and the gastronomic experiences.

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Experience seeking behaviour of generation X and Y in Hungarian health tourism
Published August 21, 2020

In tourism there is an increasing demand for those medical and wellness supplies that offer enyojable experience. The appearance of television had huge influence on the formation of leisure time amongst X generation (born between 1965 and 1976). The aim of the present study was to compare generation X and Y according to experience seeking behav...iour. We supposed that Y generation is more involved in wellness tourism and active recreation than the older X
generation. The sample consisted of 275 persons. X (n= 60) and Y (n = 89) was questionned on the internet. X (n = 84) and Y (n = 42) was questionned in Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa****. We used own, non-valid questionnaires. Amongst generation X, there were 33 persons who primarily wanted relaxation and time off. 16 persons chose recreation, 9 had medical purposes and 2 persons wanted to have amusements. Amongst generation Y, there were 55 persons who
primarily wanted relaxation and time off. 16 persons chose recreation, 1 had medical purposes and 17 persons wanted to have amusements. We did not find statistically significant differences between generation X and Y in the aspect of active recreation and wellness tourism. Further research required to differentiate experience seeking behaviour amongst generations.

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Differential supply management by age in hotel tourism products
Published August 21, 2020

In the development of hotel product strategies, the proportion of diversification and differentiation is a major decision that the hotel offers a wider range of services, which will help to find most suitable for guests, or narrows down its targeted segments and provides them with specific supply elements. One segmentation aspect could be the of guests. The most prominent and identifiable age group in the supply is the senior, which has always been important for hotels. They have the off-season demand, predictable and well-known needs, their satisfaction is easily accessible. The research is looking for the answer to the question of whether the hotels have the opportunity of acquire the senior segment and what are the special features of the products recommended for them. Parts related to the topic of tourism marketing literature have been reduced to the accommodation services in the secondary information processing section of this paper. This is followed by the identification of the segment's booking and residence habits. Primary analysis of supply will be by observation of collecting and comparing the hotels' offerings to senior guests

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Air and Ground Maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Published August 6, 2020

Human error will pose a threat to the operati on of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), just as it does in other fi elds of aviati on. If UAVs are to be permitt ed to operate in the Nati onal Airspace System (NAS), it will be necessary to understand the human factors associated with these vehicles. The aim of this arti cle is to give recommendati ...ons for the safe and effi cient airport operati ons management methods, processes, and examines of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles gained over the past use of air and ground experience.

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The Role of “Gulyásfesztivál” in Tourism of Szolnok City and Changes of its Visitors
Published August 21, 2020

Nowadays the gastronomy does not only appear as a tourist supra-structure service, but it is part of the supply of attraction by its gastronomic events. This research aims to answer the question, that by what means are motivated the participants to visit the gastronomic festivals, and how has changed the motivations in the last period. The resu...lts of secondary and the primary analysis may provide guidance for communicating on the gastronomic festivals in the next few years.

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