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The Examination of the Factors Influencing the Tween Segment’s Consumer Behaviour and Attitude towards Advertisements
Published August 21, 2020

The importance and the relevance of the topic based on consumption psychology and advertising psychology can be approached from several aspects. The actors of business life managed to achieve that young people have become one of the most important target markets. Namely nowadays children and youngsters have been the most preferred target market..., they are the  future (consumers). Apart from this we live in a consumer society where goods are characteristically not only the tools of need fulfilment, but important influencing factors at the same time that form the basis of the formation of social status differences. In our present paper we examine that in 2015 in the web age how members of generation Z approach the subject of advertisements, what type of attitudes they have, and how these formulate their consumer behaviour or what are the motivating factors influencing nowadays’ teens when a customer decision is made. Hence our aim is to examine the consumer and media usage behaviour, the influencing factors, the motives, brand priority and attitudes towards advertisements of the tween segment living in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.

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Family Roles and the Factors Influencing Purchases in the Case of Detergents
Published August 6, 2020

In our paper we examined the detergent purchase decisions, consumer behaviour and the Hungarian adult female population’s related role. After reviewing the relevant literature we conducted a field research, the most important findings of which can be found in this article. Our paper focuses not only on the purchase decision roles within the f...amily, but also on the examination of consumer behaviour related to detergent purchase also considering preferences, price sensitivity, and the attitude towards novel detergents. We also expand upon the effects of the external social environment exerted on families.

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Experience seeking behaviour of generation X and Y in Hungarian health tourism
Published August 21, 2020

In tourism there is an increasing demand for those medical and wellness supplies that offer enyojable experience. The appearance of television had huge influence on the formation of leisure time amongst X generation (born between 1965 and 1976). The aim of the present study was to compare generation X and Y according to experience seeking behav...iour. We supposed that Y generation is more involved in wellness tourism and active recreation than the older X
generation. The sample consisted of 275 persons. X (n= 60) and Y (n = 89) was questionned on the internet. X (n = 84) and Y (n = 42) was questionned in Barack Thermal Hotel & Spa****. We used own, non-valid questionnaires. Amongst generation X, there were 33 persons who primarily wanted relaxation and time off. 16 persons chose recreation, 9 had medical purposes and 2 persons wanted to have amusements. Amongst generation Y, there were 55 persons who
primarily wanted relaxation and time off. 16 persons chose recreation, 1 had medical purposes and 17 persons wanted to have amusements. We did not find statistically significant differences between generation X and Y in the aspect of active recreation and wellness tourism. Further research required to differentiate experience seeking behaviour amongst generations.

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The Examinati on of Consumer Behaviour in the Case of Dairy Products
Published August 6, 2020

In our paper we aimed to examine the milk consuming habits of the Hungarian populati on. We highlight how oft en and what type of dairy products are consumed by the populati on, what are the factors that infl uence their purchasing and consuming habits.

The interrelationship between the factors influencing retail selection behavior and FMCG market network
Published August 21, 2020

From the consumer behaviour perspective the role of retail selection have a salient importance. Hence in the case of FMCG markets network development as a key area of store chains’ distribution systems is a substantial tool in competition for customers. In our paper we investigate the main network development influencing factors in the case o...f main store chains is Hungary. We also detail the relationship between the size and the change of store chains and the consumer store choice, possibilities, and the freedom-level of decision making

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The Children’s Role in the Food Purchase Decision-Making Process
Published August 6, 2020

In our present paper we wish to give a closer picture of store, product and brand choice in the food purchase decision-making process. We examined the role played by children in the family purchase decision-making process, especially in store, product and brand choice at daily and big shopping. In our research we applied - apart from bibliograp...hy review and secondary research - primary qualitative (deep interview) research. On the basis of our qualitative research findings children play an important role in the family purchase decision-making process, but this role is not dominant. According to our research findings children play a bigger role in the store choice at big shopping and in the product choice when they choose the product for their own consumption.

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Product design with a marketing approach
Published August 6, 2020

An engineer and creative artist of an industrial product – the designer – conveys significant added  value into his object. Not only with respect to its appearance but concerning its functionality, technical and even economic, sales promoting content as well. In our paper we are investigating the nature of this process. We try to show ...that the promotional approach is one of the dominant features of design. It aims to create a product that is capable of selling itself. As the examples of the classics, H. Ford and R. Loevy had proved a hundred years ago, it does not render advertising superfluous but forces it to the background. A special feature of designer products is that they do not only formulate our angle but can be sold at extra profit. The modern attitude of „use it and discard it” is being replaced by more concerned consumer behaviour. It is creating a new quality. Just consider the environments (of V. Panton), the designer hotels, the „dream car designs” and today’s trends in vehicle design.

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The Examinati on of Chocolate Consumpti on in Jászság among Young People in their Twenti es
Published August 6, 2020

Nowadays hyper- and supermarkets, which have been opening by the dozen, have been off ering various price ranges and fl avour categories of chocolate for customers. Apart from premium quality chocolate, they also off er their own brands. According to Hungarian manufacturers and retailers in the last couple of years a positi ve shift can be obse...rved towards quality chocolates, fi rst of all chocolate fi gure products made from milk chocolate and exclusive desserts that are
bought in large quanti ti es despite their high prices. What factors (price, fl avour, and brand) and to what extent infl uence our choice of products? The aim of my paper has been to reveal and analyse the chocolate buying habits of young people in their twenti es.

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