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The impact of freedom ensured by the accounting principles on a realistic assessment of economic management processes
Published August 6, 2020

The information system of accounting serves as a constant source of information to entrepreneurs concerning the state of their assets, financial and profitability conditions. By fulfilling their reporting commitments and ensuring public accessibility the business environment can also draw on this source. In order to operate the single system th...e fundamental rules are set by the Act on Accounting. The core principle of the regulation prescribes the keeping of such a registration system and the application of such asset and resource evaluation rules which can help entrepreneurs to form realistic and reliable picture of their asset situation. In reality, accounting cannot be applied isolated from the environment; the special features must assert themselves in registration, asset evaluation and the income and financial processes alike. Because of the differing market and other conditions – and specifically in order to achieve the basic objective of the Act – flexibility must be ensured. To facilitate adaptation to the environment the Act on Accounting defines only principles and within their framework ensures a certain level of freedom for the entrepreneurs. The formulation of internal rules takes place through the accounting policy which must be worked out by everyone affected. A primary goal of the auditing procedure is to check whether the entrepreneurs have made correct use of the opportunities or bent them according to their needs falsifying the figures in their reports.

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Is there a Way out? Assessment of the Situai on of the Hungarian Poultry Sector?
Published August 6, 2020

The topic of our presentai on is the assessment of the current situai on of the Hungarian poultry sector. According to a forecast issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), of all types of meat, poultry meat produci on may expand to the greatest extent over the period of 2011 to 2020. The quesi on is whether it is possible fo...r Hungary to take advantage of this favourable situai on. We will outline the history of the poultry sector since the transii on period, the impact of the accession to the European Union and the current situai on and the problems of the sector. We will discuss the sector’s compei i ve disadvantages (drop in exports, growth of imports, technological backwardness, lack of sector strategy, underdeveloped integrai on etc.). We will also include other factors that make the situai on of the sector harder (energy prices, feed prices, tax system, black economy, etc.). Finally, we will examine the possible strategic steps to improve the situai on of the sector.

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