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HELP! What should i do? -the lack of financial knowledge in hungarian households
Published August 6, 2020

Financial planning, the propensity to save and self-caring habits effect not only the households' financial management, but they effect the economical, political, social and cultural situation of the whole country. The intellectual skills of hungarians are undeveloped, which stems from the lack of financial literacy of individuals. More and mor...e people realize the need for economic and financial knowledge since the 2008 economic crisis, and that the development of financial culture is essential. In our research we examined, how the financial awareness and the willingness to save of individuals and households can be influenced.

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Published August 21, 2020

In every field of the economy, like housing, state regulations play an important role. The role of state regulations is shown by the Family Housing Allowance (CSOK) as a governmental influential tool, which means development for several families with a faster administration and with favourable terms. We used primary and secondary research as we...ll to present our findings in this article. Our questionnaire-based survey primarily focuses on the examination of the acquaintance level of the CSOK among the Hungarian residents, the motivationial level to participate in the programme and the effects and the results of the CSOK.

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Published August 21, 2020

There is an old advertising slogan: ‘Insurance is security’. This is a watertight establishment both from an economic-philosophical and an insurance-theoretical view. Those who strive for security, insure themselves. The mountaineer acts this way if he or she takes a security rope with himself or herself or the acrobat who has a security ne...t stretched under himself or herself before his or her ‘death leap’. The businessman does the same who insures not only his dangerous deals but also his seemingly safe transactions to the necessary degree. He strives for security, he is fully aware that he has to manage risk; his civilization in this field leads him to the culture of insurance and security, so much so that nowadays the need for security has been associated with every success-oriented economic and financial transaction. The study gives a historical account of the development of insurance and security and the culture of security from ancient times to the present complemented with the corporate circle, with the central problems of health insurance.

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Published August 21, 2020

Building upon the results of my dissertation, in the course of my research I studied that how households know and take advantages of tax benefits of Voluntary Mutual Funds. It is im-portant to find out the reasons why it is losing its relevance and why the households are not making better use of the related government grants. In my present arti...cle I discuss the ac-quaintance of Voluntary Mutual Funds Account, with its advantages and disadvantages. Also the functions of households in the Budget, or in other words, what unexploited opportu-nities are there, that are worth utilizing in every household with the appropriate financial knowledge. I examine the answer to the question to how the households could be influenced, or influenced better to take advantage of several government grants, or to do that more effi-ciently. In the interest of this it is necessary to develop people’s financial culture on the ap-propriate level. Government regulations are not enough. It cannot reach its aim properly, if there are problems with the flow of information in the course of coding or decoding, prevent-ing the appropriate communication.

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Financing SMEs – Prospects in Hungary
Published August 21, 2020

After joining the EU, micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises came to the focus of attention in Hungary for their grandiose role in both employment and producing added value. Due to their flexibility, creativity and adaptability SMEs find new market opportunities easier. Also, SMEs can find their way and seize appearing opportunities more q...uickly under rapidly changing, insecure and high-risk circumstances.When analysing the sector, besides the investigation of the external environment, it is also important to focus on internal factors. The success of businesses is not only influenced by their access to financial resources, but also by their internal organisational structure and the standard of their organisational culture. In the present phase of world economy, when
transports are delayed, credits are harder to obtain and companies downsize, leaders have to make careful and considerate management and operational decisions. Thus financial decisions have considerable short and long-term effects on the success of business operation.This research paper aims at a comprehensive study of the present situation of the Hungarian SME sector, some of its financing opportunities, as well as factors that hinder its development. Another purpose of the present writing is to lay the theoretical foundations for a primary questionnaire research exploring the financing characteristics of SMEs in Hungary.

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Financial Management, the Savings of Life Cycles in Everyday Life
Published August 21, 2020

‘Money rules the world’ (BALYÓ, 2004, p. 3.) – it is an often used slogan which really determines our life. From an early age we realize how essential money is for us. It accompanies all our life. The quality of our life depends on how we can deal with our budget to be able to put aside as well. We can buy all the necessary items for eve...ryday life but we have to manage well in order to be able to achieve our objectives, too. During our life our individual and common goals are also essential. The right and appropriate decisions have a great share in using our money. There is outstanding importance of being conscious, sober-minded, and precise and up-to-date during planning. We have to take into consideration the opinion of all the family members. Decisions need to be made together if possible. In this study we would like to emphasize the role of self-care in different life cycles as well as show the result of our related primary research.

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The Encouragement of Household Savings
Published August 6, 2020

Savings are important not only for the individual, but also for the macro economy because the macro economy can only finance expansion investments from savings. Savings constitute an important element in the development of lending activity. However there is a connection between the development of income and savings. Our research team examined t...he importance and the role of savings and self-care for households considering the current difficult economic and financial situation. Currently a primary research is being carried out in the form of a questionnaire in the course of which households are asked about their saving habits and assets structure.

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Business Rhetoric - The Effectiveness of the Words of Manipulative Focus in Personal Selling
Published August 21, 2020

On a daily basis we encounter hundreds of sales techniques which are based on the manipulation. Marketing advisors are looking for the most effective tools which lead the client into their preferred direction. In the US there are several studies about this topic. The results of experiments in the US may not be justified by people living in a di...fferent culture, such as the Hungarian people. The objective of this research is to examine the findings of the research conducted by the American Sherman-Crawford-McConnel on the basis of research carried out with Hungarian people almost 10 years later. The hypothesis is that rejection in the area of finance with the Hungarians is especially true, but the factor of regret will be less significant after the rejection, in contrast with the US research. The results of my research show that when it comes to financial matters, the technique of focusing on future regret is less effective with Hungarians over 40. This paper gives practical advice to those who want to sell financial products to Hungarian audiences.

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Financial Planning in Diff erent Household Life Cycles
Published August 6, 2020

Households are characterised by diff erent life cycles with diff erent income structures and expenses. They have to be considered and planned in ti me, so that their fi nancial background can be ensured. Regarding effi ciency households are able to make their opti mal choices from diff erent alternati ves on the basis of their own system of obj...ecti ves. In many cases households are unable to make these eff ecti ve decisions, which is usually due to the low level of their fi nancial culture. There are certain points in people’s lives when it is useful to have a large amount of savings. One of these points is the old age when people cannot earn a suffi cient amount of money. The other one takes place when someone starts his or her career or a family and when they make a living so as to be able to support themselves. One alternati ve of household life cycles is to set up their own business and operate it. Even during the operati on of  interprises we can diff erenti ate several life cycles. Households taking up enterprises are usually able to plan the necessary fi nancial background to launch their businesses and to prepare business plans for a profi table operati on as well as adjust them to changes, which is not an easy task. In our research we write about savings and we describe their roles in given life cycles. This writi ng includes some important elements of our research.

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