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The Impact of Corruption and Hidden Economy on the Operation of the SME Sector
Published August 6, 2020

Corrupti on is a complex phenomenon related to hidden economy, which is also a barrier to economic development and hinders the outbreak from the crisis. Corrupti on is becoming a more sophisti cated instrument of hidden economies and is present in every country parallel to the ever intense accelerati on of our globalized world. Its extent depen...ds on, among other things, economic dispariti es, social deformati ons, unequal burden-sharing, the rather ingenious forms of tax evasion, social morality, the country’s economic development, controlling mechanism and, more importantly, the subtle relati ons of economic crime with the prevailing powers. Hidden economy and corrupti on are interrelated phenomena. Uneven economic development, unemployment, social insecurity, contradicti ons of the legal regulati ons, and lack of transparency all provide an incenti ve to the violati on of ethical business practi ces, the exploitati on of the benefi ts of economic crime, the reinvestment of such profi ts into the business sphere and the appearance of corrupti on in the politi cal decision-making. Corrupti on is a social symptom, a subsistence constraint, a deviant form as well as a status security instrument, the mild (moral) judgment of which encourages parti cipati on in the hidden economy and economic crises. If the state or the politi cs seeks to infl uence the development of the economy and assumes excessive responsibility or procurer function, it diminishes the principle of public burdens and supports the expansion of corrupti on and the operati on of hidden economy at the sametime.

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The economic impact of intellectual property in Europe and Hungary
Published August 21, 2020

As the aim of the article, to show in the framework of theoretical research, to assess the situation of Hungarian intellectual property in the life of businesses. In our paper, we try to analyze and present this area approaching it from an economic side, which seems to be a mere legal phenomenon for an outside observer.

Is migration hindering or assisting economic development? An analysis of international experiences
Published August 6, 2020

The economic and political transition taking place in Central-East Europe has brought about a lot of changes the consequences of which make an impact – among others – on the working conditions, income levels and general living conditions of the population. These changes helped to open up the economy as well as society and made it possible t...o enjoy a feeling of freedom in several realms of life. The question is how the individual is able to exploit this freedom in his own life situation? Of the possibilities brought by the EU accession in 2004, internal migration is getting more and more significant. Is this a new phenomenon characteristic of only Europe and why has it increased so much in the past decade? The issue of emigration must be tackled from several aspects of which I will focus on three in my present paper. These are the necessity of finding employment abroad, the options of the individual worker and the policies of the host country in assisting settlement of the immigrant. Earlier this year, with the help of a TEMPUS grant, I had the opportunity to take a study trip in Belgium specialising in this topic. I would also like to share the experiences of this one-week program with you.

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Published November 18, 2020

BeHidden, black, untaxed or shadow economy, all terms mean the same thing, but even though we have several words about the phenomenon, many people do not know what it is, its extent and there are no exact values about how the black economy is developing in Hungary. A black economy is, in short, the part of the economy after which no tax has bee...n paid, so for example, the activity that takes place or the employment takes place in black is unofficial. We talk a lot about it, and the government is also making more and more efforts to whiten the economy. As a result of a number of measures taken, there are rumors that the shadow economy has been reduced. What exactly is a hidden economy? To what extent is the tax-free economy in Hungary? Can the existence of the black economy be completely abolished, can the economy be completely bleached? I am looking for answers to these questions within the framework of this scientific article. What is the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the hidden economy and what responses might the government have?

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The impact of freedom ensured by the accounting principles on a realistic assessment of economic management processes
Published August 6, 2020

The information system of accounting serves as a constant source of information to entrepreneurs concerning the state of their assets, financial and profitability conditions. By fulfilling their reporting commitments and ensuring public accessibility the business environment can also draw on this source. In order to operate the single system th...e fundamental rules are set by the Act on Accounting. The core principle of the regulation prescribes the keeping of such a registration system and the application of such asset and resource evaluation rules which can help entrepreneurs to form realistic and reliable picture of their asset situation. In reality, accounting cannot be applied isolated from the environment; the special features must assert themselves in registration, asset evaluation and the income and financial processes alike. Because of the differing market and other conditions – and specifically in order to achieve the basic objective of the Act – flexibility must be ensured. To facilitate adaptation to the environment the Act on Accounting defines only principles and within their framework ensures a certain level of freedom for the entrepreneurs. The formulation of internal rules takes place through the accounting policy which must be worked out by everyone affected. A primary goal of the auditing procedure is to check whether the entrepreneurs have made correct use of the opportunities or bent them according to their needs falsifying the figures in their reports.

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