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The Characteristics of Airport Security Devices in Connection with Terrorist Attacks
Published August 21, 2020

Terror organizations threat those huge places and buildings which are used by a big mass of people. Public transportation hubs such as airports are most preferred places of terrorist attacks. If we prepare a small explosive device, we can cause a huge harm in the aircraft killing a lot of people. Security regulations have been improved to creat...e new methods to prevent terrorist attacks. The main targets are at the airport the airplanes on the runway and already in the air, the arrival and departure halls, and the air traffic control and radar systems. To protect human life and airplanes in the airport security they check the passengers, their handluggage, their registered baggage and the cargo. I would like to show you how we can avoid the terrorist attacks and this present article gives an overview of the application of such equipment, their types and the working principles of the devices of airport security systems.

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