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Published August 21, 2020

The studies concerning with the increasing demand for sport events, in other words with passive sport consumption are becoming more popular nowadays, as we experience increasing demand in the market for sport events. In our research we are focusing on passive sport consumption. We use Survey method (N=518) with which we studied the motivational... background of sport event visits from gender perspective.

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Analysis and comparison of the asset situtation of the hungarian poultry and pork sector between 2005 and 2015
Published August 21, 2020

Meat has been playing an important role in the nutrition of humanity from the beginning of time; therefore meat is a fundamental foodstuff. Global population is steadily increasing and people consume more and more foodstuff with high added value including meat and dairy products. In context of meat production and consumption, poultry and pork s...ector are the major predominant sub-sectors not only nationally, but also internationally. Pork sector had a definite leading role until the end of 1990s. However, this trend has undergone changes and poultry sector is predicted to have this leading role, according to current trends. The aim of our research is to reveal and analize what impacts this structural change have on businesses in these sectors including their asset situations.

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Examination of the Notes to the financial statement through the example of enterprises engaged in sports activities
Published August 21, 2020

In the globalized and accelerated world of our time, it is essential that enterprises have up-to-date information. Only a company that is in possession of the necessary information is able to meet the challenges of business life. One source of public information might be the annual statement prepared and published in accordance with the stipula...tions of Act C of 2000. The annual statement consists of three parts: the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the notes to the financial statement. The text-based information of the notes to the financial statement are for the more accurate interpretation of numerical data. The notes to the financial statement of certain market participants (consumers, suppliers, competitors, etc.) might support efficient operation of companies, their proper decision-making and risk assessment. In present study, the notes to the financial statement of companies identifying sports activities (Hungarian NACE 931) as their primary activity were utilized. By means of text mining, it was examined what information these notes to the financial statement include from amongst the mandatory information required by the Accounting Act.

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