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“The earthworm is the best workmate of the farmer”– or beneficial effect of minimal soil disturbance on soil structure
Published August 6, 2020

In recent decades in Germany the soil structure is greatly improved on a substantial part of the  rable land. Soil erosion can be observed less commonly. Since the 1970s in Germany the intensity of soil disturbance is significantly reduced. The less disturbed soil has more mechanical load, namely the stability. The perforated structure wit...h stable biopores ensures ecological functions, such as infiltration, aeration, root permeability, fertility. For this reason, soil compaction and soil erosion occur less frequently, they can be detected only in exceptional cases. But in Hungary, the same can not be said therefore it is a desirable objective to explore the cause of differences. Usually the best soil structure can be found on the arable lands without rotation cultivated. In Germany we could study the condition of soils in farms which using no-till system. We have analyzed the effect of soil cultivation methods on the soil structure.

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Innovative Biodiesel Production
Published August 6, 2020

The importance of the research of the biofuels is moti vated according to the Hungary’s Renewable Energy Acti on Plan, on the other hand the Europe 2020 also emphasizes the smart and sustainable growth. The direct objecti ve of the research program is to investi gate the applicati on of microwave pre-treatment for bio-energeti c, the indirect... objecti ve is to ensure security of energy supply. Based on the experiences, the microwave energy is preferably used for intensifi cati on of certain chemical reacti ons. Pre-experimental experiences have shown that microwave irradiati on in the transesterifi cati on of vegetable oils (transesterifi cati on with methanol and NaOH catalyst) results in reducti on of ti me and energy demand of the process. Producti on of vegetable oil-based is made with microwave-assisted technology under diff erent method, operati onal and process parameters. As a result of the experiments established that the
transesterifi cati on reacti on ti mes of the microwaved transesterifi cati on are reduced signifi cantly compared to the conventi onal transesterifi cati on reacti on ti me, however, further investi gati on of compositi on of treated mixture and dielectric characteristi cs of the components are necessary to optimize the procedure for energy aspects.

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